Check out our huge range of Natural Dog Treats & Chews along with our various different Toy and Boredom Buster items. We also have various box options available of Natural Treats, Boredom Busters & Toys... or a mix of them all to surely suit every dog on the planet...

Orders are packaged using as little plastic as possible, and I try to only use plastic bags on fish items to contain the oils and smells as best I can.

  • Yak Bars

    Yak Bars are a long lasting, natural chew suitable from 16 weeks + that should keep your dogs content and teething at bay. Starting from just £3 they are well worth a whirl!

  • Dried Chicken Feet

    Dried Chicken Feet are an ideal snack for any dog and suitable from 12 weeks they are a firm favourite with all. Naturally high in Glucosamine they are very good for joints, too!

  • Bulls Pizzle

    Bulls Pizzles are a very popular longer lasting natural chew and being suitable from 12 weeks they are ideal for teething or buying yourself some peace and quiet.